The firm’s patent prosecution practice focuses on the formulation and execution of technology protection strategies.  Our approach is aggressive, and utilizes the support and skills of the varied expertise within the firm to obtain the desired protection for the client.  MFB patent attorneys have diverse backgrounds that include electrical engineering, physics, aerospace engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and materials science. We draw upon our attorneys’ collective experiences, taking advantage of long-term working relationships and the wide-ranging technical capabilities of our group.

Our patent prosecution practice includes areas such as:

  • chemical processes
  • electronics
  • mechanical and electromechanical devices
  • medical and biomedical devices
  • materials science
  • software applications
  • business methods
  • communications
  • signal processing
  • nanotechnology

We have the breadth, depth, and bandwidth to meet the needs of any client, including smaller start-ups to Fortune 50 companies.